Privacy Policy

Ski Sun Communications thanks you for the trust you place in us. All personal information you provide to us is treated with great confidentiality. We respect your privacy and treat your data confidentially and do not make it available to third parties.

With this privacy statement we inform you about our working method.  Using the website, confirms your agreement to this method.


What will be done with your personal data?


We do not request any personal information from you to view our site. Every time you visit our website, we do register your anonymous click behavior by means of cookies. This means that we register which pages you visit, which services you view and from which page you leave our website.


We do this to measure the interest in the products on our website, so that we can better tailor our offer to your wishes and so that you experience the use of our website as pleasant. These data, which are collected via Google Analytics, are only used for own research.


The Ski SUn Communications website uses cookies for this. Cookies are text files that are stored on the user's computer when visiting a website. You can refuse the use of cookies by blocking them in your browser. For this purpose, you need to adjust the settings in your browser.


We ask for your email address to subscribe to the Ski Sun Communications newsletter. It will only be used to inform you by email about the best offers and promotions of Ski SUn Communications and related products and services.

If you no longer wish to receive it? Then you can easily unsubscribe via any newsletter or via a simple email to

Social Media

Our website has integrated links to various social media services (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn). By clicking on the relevant symbol, you will be automatically redirected to the website of the relevant service and you can publish an event on the website of this service.


If you go to the link of a social media service, you can follow the activities of Ski Sun Communications on the platform of the relevant service.

The social media services websites are subject to the data protection policies and terms of use of the service in question. Ski Sun Communication has no influence on the way in which these websites collect, process and use data.

Guarantees regarding lawful and secure processing of personal data

Every customer can count on his or her personal data to be processed fairly and lawfully. This means that the data is only processed for the legitimate purposes described above. Skisunconstruct also guarantees that the processing is always sufficient, proportionate and not excessive.


Ski Sun Communicationscan transfer your data to marketing / crm tools that can process the data for an analysis of the surfing behavior in order to send targeted reports. Third party cookies can be installed for this. We will never keep your personal data longer than strictly necessary. However, we will keep your data need your personal data in order to offer you a particular service.


Ski Sun Communications has taken sufficient technical and organizational measures to guarantee the safe processing of your personal data. These measures correspond to the nature of the personal data and are proportional to the potential severity of the risk.


The risk of accidental or unauthorized destruction, loss, alteration or access to and any other unauthorized processing of the data is minimized. Unfortunately, no risk can be completely avoided. If unauthorized access is gained to Skisun Construct's IT systems, we will immediately take all possible measures to minimize damage to and / or theft of the data and report it where relevant.

Right to object

Every customer can object to the processing of his personal data. The customer may at any time, free of charge and without further ado, object to the proposed processing of his personal data if the data were obtained for marketing purposes.


You also have the right to demand that all of your personal data that has been obtained and that is incomplete or irrelevant be removed and / or that it should not be used, regardless of the processing purpose. This also applies to personal data that may not be registered, disclosed and retained, or personal data that is retained after the allowed period has ended. You can exercise this right at any time, free of charge and without further justification.


The customer can exercise this right by means of a signed written request sent to Skisunconstruct sent by registered mail. Skisunconstruct b.v. undertakes to take appropriate measures within fifteen (15) working days of receipt of the request.

Right of access

Any customer who can prove his identity has the right to access all information about the processing of his personal data by Skisunconstruct b.v.  as set out in the Privacy Protection Act. This includes information about the purposes of this processing, the type of information being processed and the categories of recipients to whom the data is disclosed. This privacy statement is a first indication.


The customer can exercise this right by means of a signed written request sent to Skisunconstruct sent by registered mail. Skisunconstruct b.v. undertakes to take appropriate action within fifteen (15) working days of receipt of the request

Right to correction

Skisunconstruct b.v. attaches great importance to the collection of accurate data. Incorrect or incomplete personal data can therefore always be corrected or even deleted.


Because we cannot always be aware of any errors regarding, the incompleteness or inaccuracy of your personal data, it is up to you, the customer, to report inaccuracies or omissions and make the necessary corrections to your registered data.


If you are unable to do the necessary, please contact us by means of a signed written request sent by registered mail. Skisunconstruct will take the necessary measures within fifteen (15) working days by making changes or corrections to your personal data or by removing your personal data. Since the deletion mainly concerns visibility, it is therefore possible that the deleted personal data will be temporarily stored.

Do you have any questions about this privacy statement ?  Contact